Take Action Against Climate Change With These Tools and Resources

Fortunately, there are some amazing resources and tools that can help you manage climate anxiety, increase your personal resilience, and eliminate the guesses of significant climate action. There are high and low tech ways to take care of our hearts and our world. It doesn’t matter which one or how many you choose, just find something that works for you.

Updated April 2022 to include information from the latest IPCC report.

Applications and tools to make a difference

Public pressure can be a shocking way to drive change. We Don’t Have Time (iOS, Android) is a social network “for everyone who wants to be part of the solution to the climate crisis.” We Don’t Have Time leverages the influence of social media to make politicians, decision makers, and businesses responsible for climate change. The app connects users directly with businesses and organizations to collectively promote more sustainable and climate-friendly behaviors, and calls for harmful business practices. Users can review business initiatives and send suggestions and requests for climate action to decision makers. The news tab provides global climate and energy news to keep users informed.

Understanding our own real impact on climate change can also help us identify behaviors that we can change and reduce our climate anxiety.

The Earth Hero app (iOS, Android) helps you calculate, track, and reduce your personal carbon footprint, and connects users with climate action groups. You can set emission reduction targets, review suggested actions based on IPCC recommendations, track your progress, and join a community of climate activists. Each action includes an explanation of its relevance and importance, along with tips for different levels of implementation.

Good Empire (iOS, Android) is a new social app whose mission is to “bring together, unite and empower a good human empire to save the world from shit.” Good Empire presents challenges that highlight the direct actions that people can take to help reduce their carbon emissions and plastic waste, address hunger and poverty in their communities and around the world, and empower women and girls. Actions must have measurable impacts and be aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Good Empire was launched in September 2021.

Brightly.eco is a community platform with the mission of “empowering conscious consumers around the world”. Brightly includes news on zero waste, sustainable fashion, the circular economy, clean beauty, conscious consumerism, DIY, and eco-friendly recipes. The Brightly app (iOS, Android) offers monthly eco-challenges and community chat groups. The Brightly Store connects users with verified, ethical and sustainable brands and small businesses to help you make informed decisions.

I’m not saying that the best way to alleviate climate anxiety is to run and buy lots of eco-friendly products, but we they are all consumers, like it or not, and our purchases have a direct impact on climate change. If we can choose brands and products that are truly ethical and sustainable, it can help change the culture towards more sustainable options.

Carbon offset tools

Carbon offsets are not a stand-alone solution to climate change – they are basically a “pay to pollute” scheme that only works if companies and individuals do their best to reduce emissions. However, they can play a useful role in funding emission reduction projects and raising awareness about climate change. For an individual, carbon offsets are a tangible way to complement other actions. There are several applications that allow you to calculate and track your carbon footprint, pledge actions, and make donations to emission reduction projects.

The Klima app (iOS, Android) allows users to fund science-supported projects that can be tracked in real time. Klima selects the projects with the highest impacts according to the Project Drawdown rankings, supports programs designed to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and verifies the projects of an independent third party. Even if you don’t have much to give, add up collectively.

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