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Donald Trump Says ‘Putin Is Very Important’ When It Comes To Dealing With North Korea

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Donald Trump is all set for his 12-day Asia tour and it is reportedly feared by many experts that under Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship, North Korea will be carrying out nuclear missile tests during Trump’s visit to South Korea or Japan. Before leaving for Asia, President Donald Trump sat down with Laura Ingraham of Fox News and talked about how North Korea is one of their biggest problems and how Russian President Vladimir Putin is a very important person when it comes to handling the ongoing issues with Pyongyang. However, during his interview, the 45th president of the United States of America did not mention how he is planning to handle the escalated issues with the reclusive country.

During President Donald Trump’s recent conversation with Fox News, he talked about North Korea.

“We have one problem. That’s called North Korea.”

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‘A very real danger’: U.S. attorney general’s views on marijuana create uncertainty over medical cannabis


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is staunchly against marijuana use in any form, recreational or medical, a position that leaves uncertainty for dispensary owners, patients, marijuana advocates and state officials across the U.S.

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