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Former North Korea Official Says Nuclear War Threats Are A Bluff And Kim Jong-un Seeks Relationship With U.S.

Ri Jong Ho, formally of North Korea, says they don't actually want a war

Making a public U.S. appearance for the first time, high-level North Korean defector Ri Jong Ho says the North Korean economy may not survive a year under the tough sanctions of the U.N. Ri Jong-ho, who ran an international network of North Korean businesses which funnelled money into the hermit kingdom, said that, despite all the threats of nuclear war, North Korea “desperately wants relations with the U.S.”

Ri likened Kim’s war of words with President Donald Trump to a “child and adult dispute.”

According to Ri, the dictator thinks help from the U.S. will enable him to solidify his leadership, just as North Koreans strongly believe alliance with the U.S. helped South Korea prosper.

Ri believes North Korea’s increasing provocations and Kim Jong-un’s rhetoric are nothing more than an attempt to bring the U.S. into a diplomatic dialogue which does not involve South Korea.

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At U.S. air base south of Seoul, training missions take on new urgency after Trump’s UN threats


Preparing for an attack from North Korea is part of the daily routine at the Kunsan U.S. air base south of Seoul. But the flight manoeuvres and simulated land invasions have taken on new urgency in the wake of the recent tit-for-tat verbal standoff between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

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Elon Musk And Michio Kaku: Killer AI, Weaponized Viruses, Human Infertility Planet X? 6 Grim Threats [Opinion]

Michio Kaku Elon Musk and AI Robot

Elon Musk and Michio Kaku are both generally excited about the future, but what happens when someone asks two of the smartest men in the world what could possibly go wrong? Musk and Kaku start talking about population implosion, weaponized viruses, killer AI robots, nuclear meltdowns, and Planet X.

Both Elon Musk and Michio Kaku have concerns about potential threats to Earth and mankind in the future. Still, Elon Musk and Michio Kaku remain optimistic.

Elon Musk feels the single greatest threat to humanity is weaponized artificial intelligence. Elon Musk is also worried about population implosion.

Despite his usual brave face, Michio Kaku admits he’s got a host of concerns, including the possibility that Planet X could hit Earth. Michio Kaku also worries that in the future, high school children could create a killer designer virus or simply replicate the Spanish flu as a science fair project.

Elon Musk Is Concerned About Demographic Implosion

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