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Paris Shooting After-Effects: ISIS Fear Prompts French Polling Booth Evacuation [BREAKING]

French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Spends Election Day in Northern Strong Hold

Following the Paris shooting incident in which a policeman died, France is under extreme fear. This is evident from the abundance of a stolen vehicle with a running engine outside Besancon polling station.

While voters were involved in casting their votes for French presidential elections 2017, the suspected sedan was put for inspection. As a result, authorities asked the voters to evacuate the polling station for further checking. Bomb disposal experts were called to the scene to examine the sedan. It was a black-colored 308 Peugeot car that was labeled as stolen. The car had fake number plates.

Police officials inspected the vehicle and seized a gun, which is reportedly a shotgun. Reports have suggested that there were armed guards on patrolling outside the polling station in Besancon when the incident occurred. Despite the tight security at different polling booths, the nationals seem to be insecure following the spotting of such suspicious sedan.

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